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stolen Pedersens

Posted Oct 26, 2016. Updated Jan 18, 2018. Updated Nov 15, 2018.

A customer bike was recently stolen. Ron lives in Southern California, and his bike was stolen from his garage sometime during the week of Oct 17th. When new, the bike was set-up with the SON lighting system, black Shimano Deore components, black MAVIC MA-3 rims, and wood fenders. The bike also has a rear wheel lock mounted.

The bike currently has a set of Wenge fenders and matching chain guard. These are a very dark wood, almost black. And this a 2002 Copenhagen Pedersen, so the serial number will end in U. The rest of the serial number will probably not be visible because it will be covered up by the plastic bottom bracket cable guide.

The bike also has the beautiful brass bell from Denmark...

If you see this bike please contact the Tustin Police Department at 714-573-3200. The police report is CR# 16-6885.

Good news, Jan 14, 2018! This bike has been found at a pawn shop in Costa Mesa. Unknown condition, as the machine is in pieces, but we should know more details soon.

Jan 18, 2018. This is a picture of the remains. I'm guessing that the attempt to change the machine's appearance resulted in some small parts being lost. The previously brown saddle and leather grips have been dyed to a smeared black color. But the fenders are intact! And the bell is still mounted! You can see some of the previous red paint on the seatpost that has been sprayed green. Great attempt at disguise. The pawn shop loaned $325 on this pile of parts.

More Good news! In November, after a 2 year absence, Ron's bike has been re-delivered! Almost the same as original, but lots of stuff had to be replaced. Thankfully, the bell was saved!