All Marvelous Bamboo Fenders are handcrafted to order. Each fender is a 6 layer laminate of thin bamboo strips with a final thickness of about 3mm. They can be made in any width and can be sized for either 700C or 26" wheels. Fenders for 26" wheels are typically about 2 inches wide, while fenders for 700C wheels typically range from 1½ to 1¾ inches.

The final layer can incorporate an edge strip in order to offset and highlight the rest of the layer and an inlay can be oriented in a herringbone pattern, or laid straight along the length of the fender. The inlay can also be dyed in a choice of colors, and the different textures that result can be seen on the examples page. Adding a dye can bring out the grain of the bamboo, but due to the nature of the bamboo material there can be some variation in coloring. Darker colors can be achieved by re-dying, but the bamboo strip itself will always show color variations similar to stained wood. A more complex inlay will also increase the cost of the fenders because of the additional time taken to cut and fit each section of the final layer.


A complete hardware kit for mounting is supplied with every fender pair. Some assembly will be required, and this can be a tedious exercise. Holes will have be drilled in the fenders for your particular installation and the struts will have to be cut to the correct length. This requires tools and patience.

Eyelets at the front and rear dropouts are required, and some installations may require additional ingenuity. See the example installation for more detail.


This fender has been continuously outdoors since December of 2010, in a coastal environment, and is showing no signs of delamination. As of July, 2012, the finish still looks great.


The same fender in January 2013. Still looks new, the finish still shines, no delamination.


The same fender in September 2013. The finish still shines, and the fender still looks new. No delamination.